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Jubilee Bank purchases distressed-debt with your donation.

Jubilee Bank helps debtors who own the purchased bond to be free from debt through consultation and education.
Jubilee Bank publicizes the reality of distressed-debt being traded at low prices in order to request the improvement of related policies. Also we are trying to make financial environment more balanced so the debtors’ right can be protected.

Jubilee Bank persuades more people to get involved in the forgiving debt campaign by cooperating with the parliament, municipals, and civic organizations. And we help people to solve their debt problems through local Financial Welfare Counseling Centre.

Your donation will be used to continue all these activities.

You can donate regularly or occasionally.

For occasional donation, wire your contribution to our account as below.
– Bank Name: Woori Bank
– Bank Account: 1005-202-943102(account holder: Rolling Jubilee).
– Bank Address: 1585, Sangam-dong, mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

To donate regularly, please fill out and submit the donation application. That way, the decided amount of money can be automatically transferred on the monthly due date.
(You should have a banking account within Korea in order to apply for regular donation.)

For occasional donation

Woori bank 1005-202-943102
(account holder: Rolling Jubilee)

For regular

You should have a banking account within Korea
in order to apply for regular donation